political RESOURCES

We have compiled this page of informative and helpful resources for political campaigns, issue and advocacy advertisers and for US Radio stations. We hope this information will be helpful to you - our partners in marketing to reach the voters on Election Day.....

  • 11 states with Gubernatorial races
  • 33 states with US Senate races
  • All 435 members of the US House are up for election
  • Hundreds of other state and local elections
  • Many Issue Advertisers related to the economy; the environment; security; healthcare and education
  • Primary LUC occurs 45 DAYS PRIOR to the Primary Election date
  • General LUC occurs 60 DAYS PRIOR to the General Election date
  • 2020 General Election Window will be SEPTEMBER 4 through NOVEMBER 3

Political Broadcasting - Questions and Answers on the FCC Rules and Policies for Candidate and Issue Advertising
  • From the broadcast law firm of Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP. We’d like to point out one piece of information it contains. Note that a station rep firm is considered to be a station employee – so any amounts paid to the rep firm are part of the “net” received by the station(page 24).

Political Broadcasting Guide- Here is a Political Broadcasting manual from the broadcast law firm of Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, LLP. We’d like to point out some of the helpful information it contains.

  • See Political Rules In A Nutshell (page i).
  • Rep commissions are not considered in calculating Lowest Unit Charges (page 18).
  • Candidate Agreement Form for Political Advertisements (page 56).
  • Agreement Form for Non-Candidate/Issues Advertisements (page 62).

ask the FCC

Stations are encouraged to contact the Political Programming Office at the Media Bureau of the FCC with any questions about candidate and Issue/PAC advertising. Contact Bobby Baker directly at 202-418-1417 and by mobile phone almost any time, including weekends, at 202-253-8419. Email may be sent to Robert.baker@fcc.gov

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