Power of Radio

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Why I Skipped CES -- Or, Will Radio Be One of Media’s Hottest Startup Areas in 2014? Digital Remains the Rage, But Traditional Radio Is Still A Solid Mass Reach Vehicle
Most of our team skipped the Consumer Electronics Show this year. Instead of pushing through overcrowded floor exhibits or trying to crash AT&T's Macklemore bash, our execs were barnstorming the country, visiting more than a dozen new or returning entrants in our core local broadcast media business. We made the strategic decision that this was a better use of our time. And as it turns out, we came away from our week on the road with more enthusiasm than one usually experiences after a big industry event like CES.
When it comes to media advertising coverage, radio has seemingly become something of a forgotten medium, with digital getting the lion’s share of the ink and traditional television always in the mix. But several recent reports by Nielsen offer up data aimed at reminding marketers that tuning into radio advertising still offers plenty of benefits.

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Don't Write off Local Radio Radio is ripe for a renaissance
Campaigns are investing more than ever before in new digital technologies—and for good reason. The Internet and smartphones have changed the way campaigns organize, raise money, persuade voters, and get-out-the-vote. Online is where many of us live our lives.

But as consultants and campaign managers scramble each cycle to find the next-best-thing, they’d be well-advised to remember that radio (the old-best-thing) still matters, especially when it comes to reaching local audiences.
It's the Perfect Platform to Combine With Emerging Applications and Innovations.

Over the past few years, digital marketers have been so focused on display, better ad-tech and creating experiences on the ever-expanding list of social platforms that we've managed to largely ignore a traditional medium that's becoming increasingly sophisticated right under our noses (well, our ears): radio.
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The Enduring Power of Radio in the Digital Age Radio reaches over 240 million people
Despite the evolution of high-speed Internet and television's prevalence in today's culture, radio is still a very important and relevant medium — especially in developing nations. World Radio Day reminds us not only that digital hasn't "killed the radio star," so to speak, but also that radio can help drive change around the world.

Five intriguing facts about global radio use that may surprise you....
According to the latest RADAR Report published by Arbitron, radio now reaches 242.2 million people 12 and over during an average week. Arbitron says the report shows radio’s audience increased year over year, adding more than 500,000 weekly listeners. Arbitron also says daily time spent listening to radio among persons age 12 and older held steady (2 hours and 35 minutes a day) versus the September 2012 RADAR report.
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