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Finally, an easier way to reach voters. Gen Media Partners provides a powerful 1-2 punch: The broad geographic reach you need for a statewide or multi-state campaign, but also the ability to target a specific Congressional District, county or municipality. McGavren Guild Media, Regional Reps, Local Focus and Tacher Radio Reps together represent thousands of radio stations in markets large, medium and small. We are here to serve you and your election campaign

We help you succeed by creating a program that meets your budget and reaches your target voters. And, we make it turn key to you by simplifying the paperwork-

One order - One check or electronic payment -
distribute the spots and traffic - We reconcile the invoices.

Read on to learn more about how we can help your candidate or issue succeed in marketing to people who cast the votes.

Campaign Services
  • Single point of contact for thousands of radio stations across the US
  • Simplified billing: One check or electronic payment. One reconciled invoice
  • Custom programs based on your needs, budgets and target district/audience
  • Organization of Proof of Performance affidavits
  • Get out the vote OR specific messaging campaigns as your needs change
  • Ability to turn on a dime when the situation demands it.
  • Radio is the immediacy medium and Gen Media Partners helps to make it happen
  • Here for you from now through the Final Push on Election Day
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